Thu 21 Feb 2019

What We Do

The Brighton Quinte West Family Health Team (BQWFHT) offers a team approach to provide health care to you and your family. This approach brings together family physicians with other allied health professionals to coordinate the best possible care for patients. Everyone on the team works together and tries to focus on keeping you and your family healthy, not just looking after you when you are sick.

When you become a patient with the BQWFHT, you will have access to a number of different health professionals. You may:

  • Continue to see your own physician during regular office hours.
  • See another “Team” physician during after hours clinics - your own doctor will have access to this visit information
  • You may call a special Telehealth Advisory number (1-866-553-7205) when the clinics are closed. A registered nurse will be able to provide advice about your urgent health concern. There is also a physician from the FHT on call that the nurse may consult if he/she feels it necessary. With your permission, your own family physician will receive a summary about this call, so that he can be informed of your health issue and the treatment you were given.
  • In addition to seeing your physician, you may see one of the other health professionals who can look after some of your needs. This way your physician can focus on your complex medical issues.

The Team Approach

Every Family Health Team is unique and can have differences from the other FHTs across the province. In addition to physicians, the BQWFHT is pleased to be able to offer several different health professionals as part of the team who provide the following services:

  • Nurse Practitioners
    Nurse Practitioners provide comprehensive assessments of patients; prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries and help patients manage their chronic illnesses. Our NP also helps young families by offering a “well baby” program.
  • Nurses
    The nurses provide preventative health examinations and health education and monitoring for patients with chronic diseases.
  • Dietitians
    Dietitians provide advice on how nutrition and diet impact on maintaining health, as well as helping with dietary measures for prevention and treatment of diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.
  • Social Workers
    Social workers help families by providing counseling /therapy and also finding and referring to community resources where and when needed.
  • Diabetic Educator
    The Diabetic Educator works with diabetic patients in providing health assessments, education and medication adjustments. Self management is promoted through risk factor reduction.
  • Pharmacist                                                                                                                                                               The Pharmacist will provide individual patient assessments that identify, prevent, or resolve drug related problems. As an integral member of the primary care team, the pharmacist also provides consultative and educational services for physicians and other allied health professionals.



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